frozenDuring the winter months it is important to protect the property you are renting from having problems with frozen or burst pipes.

Please keep the following things in mind:

  • Run both hot and cold water at dripping in all faucets inside your home.
  • Leave the heat running at all times!
  • Leave cabinets under your sinks open to allow more heat to get to the plumbing
  • If you have an outside hose that is still hooked up, please unhook and drain the spigot/hose bib as water left can freeze and cause damage to the pipe.


Click here for more detailed information from the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety regarding these items mentioned above.

If at any time you experience a frozen or burst pipe, please immediately contact our office at (919) 490-9050.  Remember our phones are monitored 24/7 for emergency purposes.